Since 2009 I have been referring international and domestic guests to the best authentic healers I know of in Sedona. Living in Sedona for 15 years, sooner or later you will need the right healer for the right situation, you also need the everyday services and products. It was a privilege and honor to get introduced to these healers through a real life & death situation for a local Martin Gray, back in ‘03. Privileged because I was witness to hundreds of healers volunteering and offering their services to ensure that Martin would survive a 70” ft fall. Becoming friends with many of these healers afterwards has been a great honor and learning experience.

Hence the birth of Sedona Connections in a nutshell…. It is my vision to create production and an online cross promotional hub for Holistic & Travel related services/products.


  • Developing a web site and app for promoting the local Sedona experience.

  • Creating content on our youtube channels, (our own social media network),& our main World ViewZ Media web site.

  • Our studio generates: events, seminars, journeys, interesting content, archival productions, for domestic & international visitors.

  • Developing a strategy to make a collective cross promotional campaign effectively connecting clients to Sedonan’s.


  • Create a production and promote on our site for one year.

  • Provide affordable upfront costs with monthly rate for production and annual promotions

  • We will promote the online hub domestically and internationally.

  • Connect you to our online hub that has everything for your promotions and supports others while supporting yourself.

Sedona Connections                                                                                      Media Production Platform


Sedona Connections is designed by World ViewZ Media to be a media production platform so that Sedona's world class population of  artists, innovators, healers, visionaries, and holistic travel related services can utilize the Sedona Connections Platform to connect create and collaborate within the highly dense dynamics of the Sedona community, considered a world class destination. Sedona is a very desirable city for domestic and international visitors to reap the benefits of a consortium of talented individuals. Sedona Connections seeks to provide production services and social media interaction to create an online hub for Sedona locals and the world at large to discover each other.

As we build the hub we will build an app to compliment and reach people by mobile devices. We are imagining a digital discount app along with an online hub where Artists, innovators, healers, visionaries, and holistic travel related services can offer there wares so that Do It Yourself people can connect with premium local products and services directly.

Events & Expeditions to date: Graham Hancock, Dr Robert Schoch, Robert Bauval, Clifford Mahooty, Regina Meridith, William Henry, Gary A David. Magicians of the Gods, Forgotten Civilization, Ancient Pyramid Builders, Cosmological Origins of the Zuni, Wise Guys series, Cosmic Origins, and Ancient Southwest Explorers Club has been sponsored by World ViewZ Media through Sedona Connections to bring people to Sedona to connect with the land and the people of Sedona.

Thank you for considering supporting our project to connect the 2-4 million visitors a year to the premium holistic travel related services and products hub of local Sedona. We have created a menu of options for a mutually beneficial exchange in production for your generous support. Email

In gratitude                                                                                             Robert Dakota


For the first fifty sponsors to Sedona Connections we are offering to initiate your video project where you only invest a minimum of $150 down and $50 a month for one year to produce a basic Q&A interview video to promote your service or product on Sedona Connections social media platforms.

Here is what you will get

  •     Up to one hour session filming your interview.

  •      3 hours editing and uploaded to Sedona Connections platform.

  •      Promote your Sedona services or products to our email lists and networks.

  • We will show you how to network and market your own videos online.

  • “Cross promotional marketing”, as everyone promotes themselves on a single hub, for mutually beneficial referral funnel.

  • Membership on World ViewZ social media networking site.