W are very grateful to have taken this pilgrimage expedition on a "Spirit Journey into the Orion Zone". We were able to document portions of our journey to reveal the ancient southwest not commonly known or shared with the general public to reveal the living history right in our own back yard but also to show the interconnectivity with the rest of the world that happened in the four corners region for eons. This journey was educational and spiritual in nature. Patrons/Matrons of our cause are greatly appreciated for their support of our ongoing Archival Productions. It is our goal to give mutually beneficial perks for your support of our latest project: " Orion Spirit Journey". When you choose to support us through video production, your video will also be uploaded on our Sedona Connections Youtube Channel, which has 1,684 subscribers  & 205,136 views.  If you opt for Japanese subtitles your video will also be hosted for one year on our Sedona Connections Japan Youtube Channel.

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Thank you for your interest in our upcoming archival productions. Each event/experience is an opportunity, to meet new people from all over Arizona the country, and the world. 

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