Graham hancock live event in sedona

-Event Promotion & Video

We had an amazing time working on this project for Graham Hancock. It was a very insightful and exciting presentation.

Sedona sacred rocks

-website & video

Sedona Merkaba Amulets

-website & video

As a 21-century amulet maker who works with some of the old ways with modern eyes I begin to see and understand. There is more to our world and us then what is seen, life is but a glimmer of the reality at hand and the world is full of obvious things, which no one by chance ever observes.


-website & videos & online school

Cal Garrison brings 45+ years of experience and a host of other skills from the metaphysical realms to offer you cutting edge training in the Art of Astrology Reading. Cal Garrison Real Time Astrology

Video Projects for Drunvalo Melchizedek





  • Filmed and Documented Spiritual Journey's and Conscious Seminars in locations around the world. All Imagery and footage is Robert's Art.
  • Traveled to 24 countries documenting the beauty of Mother Earth & Her People
  • Documented Mother Earth Imagery & Medicine People in places like Peru - Japan - Bali - New Zealand - Mo'orea - Easter Island - Patagonia - Chile - Sedona - Hava Supai - California - Maui - Kauai
  • Created and Participated in spiritual gatherings, from Tibetan Sand Mandla's, to Sacred Journey's, to Sacred Sites, to Conscious Seminars.
  • Since 2012, as Certified ATIH Presenters we are offering Awakening the Illuminated Heart Seminars in Japan, and Sedona
  • Since 2012, we have been creating & hosting retreats in Sedona, Japan and overseas.
  • Created World ViewZ Conscious Social Media site for network'n and connecting with like hearted people 1,300 members from around the world so far.
  • Created more then 200 social media videos of artist's, innovators, and authentic healers.
  • Created 3 YouTube Channels WorldViewZ- 650K views,  Sedona Connections 130k views, Sedona Connections Japan 30K views
  • Robert has documented a huge library of imagery and B roll of about 100K images and approx 300 hours of digital footage, to be used as stock footage for Multi-Media Projects.
  • Since 2003,Robert's been living in Sedona for almost 13 years.