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Customized Web Site

  • Built in store to bring all of your creations to market.
  • Build a custom site that is very easy to manage on the back end.
  • Very DO IT YOURSELF  friendly with built in tutorials so you can navigate the site without a web-master.
  • Manage your own site from wherever you are in the world
  • Build name recognition and build your subscription email list
  • Upgrade to a site that functions with all modern devices
  • Recreate your image and have fun elevating your presence
  • Confidently be represented in virtual reality 24/7

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Sedona Sacred Rocks Metaphysical BnB , Sedona Amulets , Weaving One World are among the favorite projects that we have worked on. Along with our own individual sites World ViewZ Media and Sedona Connections Japan

My vision for creating these promo video's is that it gives myself and the authentic Sedona community a hub to be represented by other local Sedonans therefore when creating a Sedona Connections promo you are joining a community of Sedonans and collectively bringing like minded beings to the same hub where they can find the local connection to the amazingly gifted healers, medicine people, artists, innovators, eateries, and holistic healing arts, together with nature and all the travel related businesses that support the Sedona Experience. Looking forward to recreating with you in the New Year 2018!

Robert Dakota is a filmmaker and multimedia artist with a unique vision: to connect people from around the world through his World ViewZ Media platform and Youtube channels. Robert traveled as a videographer and Director of Photography with the One Heart Journeys 04-08 with Drunvalo Melchizedek. Documenting the journeys to the sacred places of Peru, Japan, Hava Supai, New Zealand, Guatemala, Easter Island, Tahiti, and Moorea. In addition to journeys with One Heart, Robert also shot in other exotic locations while on his own journey's, in locations like Bali, Kauai, Maui, California, Sedona, Europe, the Andes of Chile, Patagonia, etc. He has traveled to 28 countries to date.