Sedona Connections                                                                                             Media Production Platform

Overview                                                                                                                      Sedona Connections is designed by World ViewZ Media to be a media production platform so that Sedona's world class population of  artists, innovators, healers, visionaries, and holistic travel related services can utilize the Sedona Connections Platform to connect create and collaborate within the highly dense dynamics of the Sedona community, considered a world class destination. Sedona is a very desirable city for domestic and international visitors to reap the benefits of a consortium of talented individuals. Sedona Connections seeks to provide production services and social media interaction to create an online hub for Sedona locals and the world at large to discover each other.

As we build the hub we will build an app to compliment and reach people by mobile devices. We are imagining a digital discount app along with an online hub where Artists, innovators, healers, visionaries, and holistic travel related services can offer there wares so that Do It Yourself people can connect with premium local products and services directly.

Events & Expeditions to date: Graham Hancock, Dr Robert Schoch, Robert Bauval, Clifford Mahooty, Regina Meridith, William Henry, Gary A David.                Magicians of the Gods, Forgotten Civilization, Ancient Pyramid Builders, Cosmological Origins of the Zuni, Wise Guys series, Cosmic Origins, and Ancient Southwest Explorers Club has been sponsored by World ViewZ Media through Sedona Connections to bring people to Sedona to connect with the land and the people of Sedona.

Thank you for considering supporting our project to connect the 2-4 million visitors a year to the premium holistic travel related products and services hub of local Sedona. We have created a menu of options for a mutually beneficial exchange in production for your generous support.                                                                                               For more details go to our site by clicking support us or direct contact

In gratitude                                                                                                                  Robert Dakota

We have 30-50 hours of content to launch an online hub together with ann app that will drawl people to the hub.  Sponsors of our cause are greatly appreciated for their support of our ongoing archival productions. It is our goal to give mutually beneficial perks for your support of our latest project: Sedona Connections media production platform. When you choose to support us through video production, your video will also be uploaded on our Sedona Connections Youtube Channel, which has 1,700 subscribers  & 208,229 views.  If you opt for Japanese subtitles your video will also be presented to our Sedona Japanese Concierge in Japan.

Thank you for your interest in our upcoming video productions.

Give us a shout if you have any questions.

In gratitude                                        Robert Dakota: 

Examples & Testimonials of our Events and Video work.

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