Cosmic Origins


May 26-28, 2017

Past Events

Ancient Southwest Explorers Series Ep 02 "The Zuni Way" with Zuni Tribal Elder Clifford Mahooty

Aug. - Sept., 2016

3 Exciting Events

 these events are designed so that a small intimate group can get real information transfer and download of ancient wisdom's as well as teachings that Clifford would like to see passed down to the next generation from our ancient human connection. He especially would like this information to be passed onto his Zuni young people. This is a rare opportunity to go deep into the spiritual realms of the ancient southwest.

Ancient Southwest Explorers Series with Clifford Mahooty "Cosmic Origins" Labor of Love weekend.

Fri. May 27th, 2016

What was/is the true function of
the Great Pyramid of Egypt?

Had the ancient Egyptians discovered a "science of immortality"?

Can modern quantum mechanics,
latest cosmology and cutting edge
neurology provide answers?

Robert Bauval will present the latest findings to these questions based on this forthcoming book "The Cosmic Womb" co-authored with the eminent physicist and cosmologist Prof. Chandra Wickramsinghe, the proponent of the “Panspermia Theory”.

Newly Added! Authentic Egyptian Style Belly Dancing to kick off our evening!

with Sedona's very own Carrie Konyha at exactly 7pm Fri May 27th. Show up early secure a good seat.

White Lotus School of Bellydance is directed by multi award winning middle eastern dance artist Carrie Konyha

Another Successful Event!

March 4-6, 2016

Dr Robert M. Schoch in Sedona

This is a special engagement with Dr. Robert M. Schoch of Boston University, the highly regarded geologist responsible for re-dating Egypt’s Great Sphinx and setting the archaeological world on fire! Robert has done field research on a number of ancient cultures and will present his discoveries in this exciting two-part presentation.

We hope you will join World Viewz Media and Dr. Schoch in opening the doors to a greater understanding of life on our planet and unraveling the Truth about who we really are!


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Last event

DEC 4-5, 2015

Graham Hancock in Sedona

We had an amazing time working on this project for Graham. It was a very insightful an exciting presentation. 

Graham Hancock "Magicians of the Gods" event in Sedona Dec.2015.

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