Sacred Energy Retreat Sedona January 19-20th, 2019


Sacred Energy Retreat Sedona January 19-20th, 2019


This is a 2 day retreat to enhance, and remind you how to re-create your own reality. It's all about accessing the energy of your “Heart Space” to generate gratitude by understanding simple concepts of how energy, experience, and gratitude are all inner connected. Group exercises, meditation techniques, connecting with nature, and basic understanding in creating sacred space/ceremony for creative manifestation.

Translator will be with us for Spanish to English translation for those parts in Spanish.

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Beneficial Experiences and Knowledge

~ Learn Andean Spiritual Technology ~ Reunion w/ Heart Consciousness ~ Imrpove Meditation Skills ~ Manifesting Your Creativity ~ Self Development Exercises

~ Connect with nature ~ The money game & energy ~ ~ Recreation as a source of energy ~ Multiverse & Multidimension’s ~ Creating Sacred Space - Despacho ~ Remember your life Vision

This heart space retreat is designed to bring you back to encounter your own heart consciousness with easy to learn ancient practices, Andean spiritual technology, basic meditation skills and exercises. We are creating a space to focus on recovery of your life's vision. The practices are useful for those who are beginners and seasoned veterans who may or may not have their own practices, teachings, and/or seminars. With practice and energetic continuity these techniques can benefit your personal as well as professional spiritual practices. 

June 2017-Aug. 2018 I was very fortunate to spend nine months learning more about Pedro's work and his energy healing techniques. I also learned a great deal about Pedro's own training; with Tibetan Buddhists over 14 years and training with the Amara, Quechua, Q'uero, of the Bolivian Andes over another 14 years. Including Kogi, Arahuaco, Wiwa, and Mayans. We are very fortunate to have Pedro as a special guest to share with us his insights on such topics as ascension, multidimensional realities, the multiverse, working with the elementals in ceremony, generating gratitude, cleaning and clearing energies, together with self development techniques are among the topics we will share. Passing on what he has learned is very important to Pedro as well as other elder brothers, direct energy transfer is the most efficient means to pass on wisdom. 

A great deal of learning occurred with Pedro over the nine months we spent together in Sedona during his recovery. Over many hours of discussion and reflection we decided to combine our strengths to blend the key points in a concise presentation with practical experiences to develop your own practices. Spirituality has many crossovers with art as well as visualization. As a multi-media artist, presenter of meditation workshops, producer of events, and social media creator, Robert Dakota integrates imagery and imagination into every aspect of his work. Einstein once said, " Imagination isn't everything, it's the only thing". You will learn many practical down to earth exercises that can be utilized in your personal life or your own seminars and workshops or to just share this wealth of information with others.