Orion Zone gathering for Solstice Energies Sunday June17th 11am-2pm

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Orion Zone gathering for Solstice Energies Sunday June17th 11am-2pm


Sunday June 17th 11-am-2pm we will host a greet and meet with Gary A. David, & Pedro Dura, they will be speaking on preparing for summer solstice energies, just before taking off on our upcoming journey into the "Orion Zone". On Sunday June 17th, 11am -2pm we are inviting our group from the journey, the general public, and friends who often attend sweat lodge at a private home in Cornville. Please carpool if you know other people attending. Thank You

Limited seating location will be emailed with ticket purchase.

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As we approach the summer solstice and prepare to head out on our "Spirit Journey into the Orion Zone", we would like to gather all of our friends who would like to meet & greet with Gary A. David & Pedro Dura (Bolivian medicine energy healer) who have both travelled long distances to be here with our group that is coming from around the state, as well as from South America and Japan. We thought this could be a good time to hear Gary A David and Pedro Dura speak about the significance of the "Orion Zone" and the Summer Solstice energies.

First we will hear Gary A David speak about the Orion Zone in the Southwest and the importance of this time at the summer solstice. Then Pedro Dura a Bolivian medicine/energy healer will share with us the spiritual aspects of these energies in space and time. It's a good time to focus in order to manifest more patience, gratitude, and love into our hearts. From there all things are possible. 

There will be a $20 fee to gift the speakers for their time and to assist in curbing their travel expenses (everyone welcome even if short on $ no one will be turned away). Fire ban is still on so we will not be able to have a sage, fire, or sweat lodge. So how about let's get together for connection to the land, to each other, to the water to enter the solstice energies with reflection and joy. Please bring a main dish to share with others for a potluck feast afterward.

Here are 2 short 10min clips on the Orion Zone and the Solstice energies:

Pedro Dura

Gary A. David