Video Sponsor & Table


Video Sponsor & Table

  • 4 tickets (2 tickets for each event)

  • Sponsors will get 1:30 min video interview to their service or product. and 20-30 second spot out opening of the event.

  • Your logo hyperlink connected to your web site with thumbnail logo on our sponsors page

  • one year with your video on our Sedona Connections Youtube channel.

  • We will create a 1:30 min intro video of you service or product.

  • upload your video and host your video for one year on our Sedona Connections Youtube channel.

  • (Limited 10 sponsors)

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We will upload you 1:30 min video to our Sedona Connections Youtube channel and you will be a listed sponsor on our sponsors page with thumbnail hyper link to your site. We are developing a site that will be a hub connected to our Youtube channel videos.

My vision for creating these promo video's is to guide visitors from our events, journeys and seminars to a Sedona Connections hub to be co represented with other local Sedonans, to inform visitors of the best Sedona has to offer collectively bringing like minded beings to the same hub where they can find the local connection to the amazingly gifted healers, medicine people, artists, innovators, eateries, and holistic healing arts, together with nature and all the travel related businesses that support the Sedona Experience. Looking forward to recreating with you in the New Year 2019!

Robert Dakota is a filmmaker and multimedia artist with a unique vision: to connect people from around the world through his World ViewZ Media web site, events, journey’s, seminars, together with our online social media platforms and Youtube channels. Robert has traveled as a videographer to 12% of the worlds countries discovering we have more in common then we have in difference. Documenting the journeys to the sacred places of Peru, Japan, Hava Supai, New Zealand, Guatemala, Easter Island, Tahiti, and Moorea. Robert also shot in other exotic locations like Bali, Kauai, Maui, California, Sedona, Europe, the Andes of Chile, Patagonia, etc. He has traveled to 36 countries to date.

Look forward to bringing more awareness to all the local gems of Sedona in 2019.

Thank you for your consideration Robert Dakota