May 29th, 2017 Ancient Petroglyph's Excursion 7am - 7pm


May 29th, 2017 Ancient Petroglyph's Excursion 7am - 7pm


We will have 3,000 petroglyph's all in one place, with the place reserved just for our group. Dating back as far as 9,500 years, with world class rock art, this is an amazing location with panels on both sides of the creek for a quarter of a mile.  We will have the special privilege of visiting archaeology sites, of authentic kiva's and pit houses. Robert Bauval & Clifford Mahooty, will be with us to explore this location. We will leave early and travel in vans, buses if needed.

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A very exciting day will be going 2.5 hours from Sedona to some very special petroglyphs and considered some of the best Rock Art in the world! We have the opportunity to visit petroglyph panels dating back as far back as 9,500 years ago and we have the entire place to ourselves for the whole day for photography, exploration and discovery. Since we will have the place to ourselves we get the opportunity to view active archaeology sites together with ancient kiva sites. This is a unique opportunity to explore 3,000 ancient petroglyph’s dating back 9,500 years ago reserved for just our group the entire day. $180.00 includes: breakfast burrito, box lunch, wholesome snacks, water & refreshments. 

Robert Bauval, & Clifford Mahooty will be with us on the tour, but also a few gentlemen who know the folklore and some of the meanings. So this will be a very exciting day that will include healthy meals and snacks along the way. They have a water hole for swimming so bring your bathing suit, towel, along with your camera, and hiking shoes.

· Transportation included: which is also part of the charm of the journey, getting to meet new people, and to spend time with like hearted beings as well as hanging with Robert Bauval & Clifford Mahooty. It's a no brainer! We will have a great time again.

· The group will be limited to 50 people plus staff.

· We will be providing healthy snacks and water. 

· We will be departing early in the morning to avoid holiday traffic and to be able to beat the heat as well as make the most of the day reserved for our group.

· Box lunch included for a picnic lunch out at the petroglyphs for you to enjoy with the nature.

· Optional Dinner in Flagstaff: at “Simply Delicious” and this will be the closing dinner for the weekend.