Givers Unite! Sedona Autumn Equinox Sept. 21st, 2017


Givers Unite! Sedona Autumn Equinox Sept. 21st, 2017


Givers Unite for an Intimate Evening of Group Meditation, Lecture, and Q&A.
Join other like hearted beings for a collective reunion of hearts in gratitude on the Autumn Equinox. Sedona Creative Life Center 333 Schenebly Hill Rd

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Givers Unite!

Societies around the world have devolved into a state of taking vs. giving, making the world a less beautiful and compassionate place. But what happens when Givers Unite

Regina’s Human Origin story— and its implications— take us on a journey into the dynamics and consequences of the survival mentality and how its “taking" has been perpetrated upon humanity, creating a world of manufactured scarcity.

Through meditation, lecture and Q&A, Regina offers the deeply experiential alternative: When we live from the Higher Mind and Spirit, “giving" becomes our natural state of being. This spirit of "giving to life" is the realm of the creatives, and what is life but our own divine creation? The takers of this world diminish this creativity by exhausting us. No more.

Regina will take you on a journey into the Land of Plenty and your role as an agent of Grace, Beauty, and Generosity where the Givers reign as powerful and sovereign beings.  “To give is to be powerful.”